Do you and your sales team measure up to the top sales organisations in the industry? What is keeping you and your team from reaching its full potential?

Marketing consultancy

Just doing what everyone else is doing does not really qualify as a concept. Nonetheless, this is exactly what many players in the crane industry and similar sectors do. But any sales organisation should offer much more than that in our highly developed markets. Together with you, we will create powerful marketing concepts and support you actively with their implementation.

Organisational development

Sales processes, specifically, are a means of interaction for a company with its customers. The quality of processes and the skill levels of your employees are what tips a customer's scales in your favour or against it. They are crucial to your success in the market.
Building up your field sales organisation or developing your export business are the areas in which we would like to support you with our extensive experience.

Team development

No sales manager can ever be better than the members of their team. But often, managers hardly have time for staff or team development next to their daily tasks. We tailor development and training schemes, adapted to your needs, which will help to consistently strengthen your team and lead to greater success. 

Interim management

An important member of your sales team has dropped out and you need a replacement fast? We can provide staff to 'help you out of the fix'.

Sometimes, specific sales tasks or concepts require an additional experienced team member. Owing to their extensive industry experience, our employees can set out to work immediately.

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